Monday, January 29, 2007

Eight Indian Americans in Forbes' Midas list

"Eight Indian American entrepreneurs have made it to the Forbes' 2007 Midas list, an annual ranking of the US' top 100 tech dealmakers.

Leading the Indian pack is tech wizard Ram Shriram, placed fourth on the list released last week. Two years ago, Shriram was one of just two Indian Americans to find a place in the Forbes' list of 400 richest Americans, the other being acoustics pioneer Amar Bose.

Behind Shriram is Arjun Gupta at number 37. An MBA from Stanford, he is the founder and managing partner of TeleSoft Partners, a venture capital firm that focuses on high-tech start-ups.

Other Indian Americans on the Midas list include Parag Saxena (38), Rob Soni (42), Promode Haque (52), Navin Chaddha (58), Srinivas Akkaraju (84) and Ravi Mhatre (95).

Shriram's claim to fame has been his association with Google, where he has been a founding board member, director and angel investor. In 2005, his net worth was put at $1.3 billion. A technology industry insider for over 25 years and a former executive with Netscape and Amazon, Shriram founded his own company, Sherpalo, in California in 2000."

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