Thursday, December 21, 2006

Visto Corporation :: Visto Awarded Permanent Injunction and Damages in Patent Case Against SEVEN Networks

"The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has issued its final judgment awarding Visto Corporation double damages (a total of $7.7M) plus costs and attorneys' fees for SEVEN Networks' willful infringement of Visto's patented intellectual property. The opinion follows a ruling from the jury on April 28, 2006 that SEVEN willfully infringed on the system that Visto created over a decade ago. The judge also granted a permanent injunction against SEVEN Networks, which will be stayed pending appeal."

"SEVEN Networks was found guilty in April of this year of violating claims from three separate patents Visto brought to trial. At that time, the jury awarded Visto damages at a royalty rate equivalent to 19.75% of SEVEN's infringing products' revenue, or about $3.6 million. In the Court's opinion issued yesterday, it moved to double these damages (plus interest) and awarded Visto $7.7 million. In addition, the Court also awarded the reimbursement of Visto's legal fees, which is expected to increase substantially the total damage award."

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