Wednesday, December 06, 2006 | 12/06/2006 | Takahashi: Silicon Valley start-ups still show ingenuity

"Can you hear me now? If you've ever lost a cell phone call during the middle of a conversation, you'll be interested in a new invention from Quellan.
The Santa Clara chip start-up has figured out a way to clean up weak wireless signals in a way that could dramatically improve reception for cell phones and a wide variety of other devices that are susceptible to electronic interference."

Notes: Quellan incubated this technology for a long time. The company started in Atlanta in 2001, creating a communications technology for the now-defunct Global Crossing and its optical networks that served as the backbone of the Internet. After the tech downturn, the project got mothballed. Menlo Ventures, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing have raised $23 million in the past year for Quellan.

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