Wednesday, December 27, 2006 is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded in January of 2004 by Sean Sullivan is empowering consumers. This unique service allows consumers to turn unwanted gift cards or store credit in cash.

"While it’s no doubt that retailers will be busy over the next few months with all of the gift card redemptions, is in a very good position to become the leading provider of this new service. “I think as consumers become more aware that they have options when it comes to gifts and gift cards we’ll see more and more business. We also feel that offers the best service, the highest payouts and the quickest turn around times. It’s a very exciting time for this company.”

Notes: The record setting gift card giving this holiday season has turned into a real boom for companies such as More than $25 billion has been spent on gift cards this past holiday season. competes with the likes of ebay (which claims to do $5M gift card trading), craigslist and other swapping services that have popped up recently. pays 80% of the face value, so a $100 gift card equals $80 cash. The site doesn't mention whether they buy cards near expiration, but if they do this certainly is a good service. The key risk for companies in this space are increasingly tight margins from competition and from stores changing gift card policies.


Sean Sullivan said...

We do purchase gift cards which are close to expiration.

Anonymous said...

I can get better than .80 to the dollar on ebay!

AMR said...

This company is a fraud!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!! I sent in my card and never heard from the jerk!!!
I have reported them and nobody can get a response from him.