Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Askville is now public

Dear Askville Beta testers,

We are excited to announce the public beta launch of byAmazon. For everyone who has been helping us beta test Askville for thepast several months - thank you for all your feedback, suggestions, andinput; without your help we wouldn't be where we are today! If you haven'tbeen back in a while, check us out as we've made a ton of improvements, alot of them based upon the suggestions and ideas you've recommended to us.As you know, Askville is a community based website where users can easilyask and answer questions, share their knowledge and meet others withsimilar interests. Additionally, you can earn experience points in varioustopics and Quest coins, Askville?s virtual currency. Eventually, you willbe able to your Quest coins on an upcoming site called scheduled to launch in 2007.

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