Wednesday, September 20, 2006 - Hedge funds trawl for gossip with web filter

"Called Monitor110, the platform acts as an aggregator and a filter for hedge funds trying to keep up with the explosion of information sources on the internet, such as blogs."

Notes: DFJ and DFJ Gotham led the first $5M round of funding in Sept 06. Chairman is former EIR at DFJ Gotham, an early investor in in-game advertising leader Massive (acquired by MSFT). Other executives have past history on Wall Street. Monitor110 is develpoping a financial intelligence services platform due out next year that enable institutional investors to access, analyze and monetize real-time Internet information.

Hedge funds need an edge and Market110 provides it for them. Should Monitor110 execute on their strategy and build a sustainable useful, value-add service, they will be quite sucessful as lots of hedgies will sign up for the service, in the same way they all signed up for CapitalIQ, which was acquired by McGraw-Hill's Standard & Poor's unit for a hefty multi-hundred plus valuation. Other comparable information service companies include Thomson First Call/Analytics, Bloomberg, Technorati, SeekingAlpha.

Acquisition Potential: 8
IPO Potential: 2
Probability of raising another round: 9
Positive Outcome for investors: 8
Red Herring nominee: 2007 spring or 2008 spring

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