Friday, August 18, 2006

Lime Rock Partners II sitting at a 3.1x investment multiple

Lime Rock Partners II, L.P. according to a recent Calpers 3/31/06 report, is holding a whopping 3.1x investment multiple (defined as Multiple is calculated as "Cash Out + Remaining Value" divided by "Cash In."), the highest of any Calpers Emerging Ventures I, II, & III holding. Though most of the returns multiple is comprised of unrealized gains (only $1.8m cash out of $10m committed thus far), Lime Rock's multiple tops that of Granite Global (2.0x; baidu, alibaba and other exits), Clearstone I-B, LP (2.9x; paypal, overture exits), Index Ventures II (2.0x; skype fame).

Lime Rock's investment sectors include the white hot exploration and production, energy services, and oil services technology.

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