Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - Making a Buck Off Your Pet-Trick Videos

"In his spare time, Patrick Sell, a 31-year-old marketing analyst, enjoys shooting short videos of well-dressed women strolling along New York City streets, then posting them on the Web. He used to upload his productions -- about 180 to date -- on the video-sharing phenomenon YouTube, but now prefers a new service called Revver. The reason: Revver pays him.
Revver allows Mr. Sell to pocket a portion of the revenue the site takes in from ads it attaches to his clips -- an amount that now earns him about $15 a day. 'My issue with YouTube is that even as the producer of the video, I can't get paid for it,' says the self-styled video auteur, who asks the women for permission to film them and also posts his clips on"

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