Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Watson by Intellext. Watson provides context search on the desktop.

"Intellext Inc., which spun-out of Northwestern University early last year, has released a new version of its intelligent search technology and sealed a grant to develop search products for government markets.
The company, which is backed by about $5 million from Palomar Ventures, Motorola Ventures, LaSalle Investments and University Fund, was formed in late 2002 inside Northwestern's DevLab by professors Jay Budzik and Kristian Hammond. Spun out in early 2005, Intellext released a first version of its flagship 'Watson' software in the fall of 2005, said Chief Executive Al Wasserberger.
Intellext's Watson, which can be downloaded in a free, ad-supported version or a subscription-based professional version, is designed to understand what a user is working and proactively search for useful information. The software acts like a sidebar, sitting along side an Internet browser, text document or even a slide show presentation, and intelligently search subjects as a user types. 'Technology like this is about finding information that you didn't know you should be looking for,' said Wasserberger."

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