Friday, July 07, 2006

Bambi Francisco: Tribe at less than $5 million?

"From what I hear, the price for Tribe is far from the $50 million reported by Rafat (at Rather it's less than $5 million, according to a source close to the situation. NBC is looking at Tribe's technology to incorporate new Web 2.0 features/tools into its social community iVillage. Of course, $5 million sounds really tiny considering that Beebo (one-year-old social network site received a valuation well north of $50 million). Then again, Tribe hasn't really taken off in popularity, and broadened its user base. According to the latest traffic figures from Nielsen//NetRatings, had 611,000 unique visitors and 2.7 million pageviews in May. By comparison, Friendster (which isn't exactly a success story) had 102 million pageviews in May. Bebo had 123 million pageviews. Yahoo 360 had 117 million pageviews while Tagged (social network for teens) saw 130 million pageviews. "

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