Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Advertising Age - MediaWorks - YouTube Rival Revver's Killer App Is Its Ad Model

Revver.com's model is attractive to video makers because of its ad-revenue sharing model, but that's not the only reason they chose it. "They don't make you give up any copyrights, the small ad is at the end of the piece so you don't have to watch a 30-second ad before you see the work, and we really liked the backgrounds of the people behind it," Mr. Voltz said.

The ad Revver attaches is a simple one-frame clickable spot tacked onto the tail of the video. Revver founder and CEO Steven Starr's unique idea for Revver is that the coding, or the proprietary technology that tracks data about each piece of content, resides on the file. So content creators who send their original work to Revver are sent back a "revverized" version that can be put anywhere on the net. The Diet Coke and Mentos ad, which debuted online about a month ago, actually resides on Mssrs. Voltz and Grobe's site, Eepybird, although it can also be accessed at Revver.com and many other places online.

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