Monday, April 03, 2006 - Movie Debut: Films for Sale By Download

"When the hit 'Brokeback Mountain' is released on DVD tomorrow, fans won't have to visit a store to buy the movie. In a first for a major new studio film, broadband Internet users simultaneously will be able to legally purchase and keep an electronic copy using their computers.
The 'Brokeback' online release is the result of a deal that Movielink LLC, a movie-downloading service, has made with five major studios -- General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal Pictures, Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros., Sony Corp.'s Sony Pictures Entertainment, Viacom Inc.'s Paramount and News Corp.'s Twentieth Century Fox. The pact finally allows consumers to download and own a copy of major film releases, both new and catalog titles. In the past, online services like Movielink have only allowed users to rent films downloaded from the Internet, and then only weeks after the movies hit bricks-and-mortar stores. Now, consumers will be able to buy electronic copies the same day the DVD is offered by Best Buy Co. or Wal-Mart Stores Inc."

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