Tuesday, April 11, 2006

wikipedia.org vs. wikia vs. britannica.com vs. dictionary.com (reference.com) vs. tripadvisor

Wikia from Marketwatch:
Wikia was formerly known as Wikicities. It was co-founded by Jimmy Wales, who launched Wikipedia, and Angela Beesley, a member of the board of the Wikipedia Foundation.
Wikia and its community-conversation software tools let groups share information, news, stories, media and opinions on subjects as diverse as Star Wars (starwars.wikia.com), radio-controlled cars (www.wikicities.com/wiki/c:radiocontrol) and Doom (doom.wikia.com). More than 1,000 Wikis have been created and edited by 20,000 registered users.

A list of investors - Bessemer, Omidyar Network, and angels (Mark Andreessen, Dan Gillmor and Mitch Kapor.

And, in the works is a travel wiki from TripAdvisor, according to the Boston Herald:

TripAdvisor, based in Needham, has made a business of consolidating opinions about places. But the new online guides take things a step further. Instead of just rating and reviewing hotels, restaurants and attractions, users will be able to write articles about the cities in which they live or go to visit.

The wiki software allows users to instantly edit and update information, providing a near real-time picture of places unmatched by guidebooks, TripAdvisor says. And it will be quicker to respond to changes, such as the devastation of a hurricane, Kaufer said.

The site, which has 1.5 million visitors a day, will have to compete with information posted by travel powerhouses such as Fodor̢۪s and The Lonely Planet, which offer some free guidebook content on their Web sites.

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