Tuesday, April 04, 2006

RED HERRING | Yahoo Upgrades Finance Portal

"Yahoo Finance, facing new competition from Google, has added a ranking system for the postings made on its message boards.

Google added a beta site, Google Finance, in late March that included several innovative features such as information on both public and private companies, easily accessible bios of corporate executives, archived news on topics, and blog postings (see Google Adds a Finance Service).

Yahoo sees the need to add innovations of its own, and has decided to capitalize on the activity on its message boards, where users trade investment advice and stock tips.

Frequent traders love to exchange tips on what�s hot and what�s not, although there have been numerous instances where false information is disseminated by unscrupulous traders trying to push a stock up or drive it down. Such activities are illegal, but it is often difficult for regulators to find the culprits."

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