Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No more Bain bashing!! (PEWire)

"*** Anonymous (via the Top Secret button) writes: �Your constant Bain-bashing is growing increasingly tiresome and underscores your lack of understanding about what really matters to buyout investors. Funny how you're so smart as to identify the lunacy of their terms, and yet a who's-who of the most successful and experienced investors in the LP community re-ups with them and fights for capacity each time Bain brings a fund to market. Do you really think that everyone else is so naive and you are so perceptive? Bain's premium terms support 3x the bodies than those that are supported by their competitors' terms. The breadth and depth of Bain's resources let them go wider and deeper into the opportunities around them. The bottom line of this approach is that it has led to top net IRRs throughout Bain's history... You willing to print this?� Yup."

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