Thursday, April 13, 2006 vs. kodakgallery (ofoto), webshots, snapfish, shutterfly, and photobucket

And the winner, according to Alexa daily reach is:, the site that provides image and video hosting for MySpace, eBay, blogs, and message boards. Similar to, photobucket is riding the nut busting traffic growth of xanga, myspace, etc.

- Photobucket is a likely target according to a recent NYTimes article.

- Low overhead in the company with just eight employees as of 9/05. WSJ article on photobucket.

- The company apparently generates more traffic than Yahoo Photos as well (9.6M unique visitors vs. 12.2m unique for photobucket in September 2005).


Anonymous said...

photobucket's not worth much since myspace could block them at any minute and they'd lose 75% of their traffic.

Anonymous said...

Number of hits suddenly determines quality on a webpage?

How about including some kind of analysis of photo sites that actually focuses on *gasp* having a good business model, like smugmug?

GG said...

Number of hits does not determine quality on a web page (as you say) but it is a fair indicator of site performance and site worth to potential acquirers.

Business model? Smugmug seems to have a similar b-model (not to mention home page layout) as flickr.

Analysis on photo sites. Positive reviews on smugmug:,1759,1859063,00.asp