Thursday, March 30, 2006

YouTube: The talk of Tinseltown | CNET

YouTube has sped past a host of competitors by tapping the public's thirst for reality programming. By mixing some professionally made clips, including music videos and movie trailers, with homemade content, YouTube has seen the number of viewings on the site shoot up from 3 million a day to 30 million since the Web site's December launch, according to YouTube spokeswoman Julie Supan.

Not everyone at the conference was impressed, however. Plenty of executives wondered how the San Mateo, Calif., company plans to fend off the likes of Google, iFilms and Atom Entertainment, all of which possess far more resources. And nobody knows how YouTube, which has 20 employees, plans to make money.

There is still no advertising on YouTube; it doesn't charge to view or upload videos; and its executives so far have been mum on their business plan.

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