Tuesday, March 21, 2006

more on boobtube

"YouTube is starting to see a trickle of established players sign on for promotional partnerships. Matador Records is spreading the word on Pretty Girls Make Graves by allowing viewers to submit music videos for the band's upcoming single. Cable network MTV2 has provided clips from upcoming programming including 'The Andy Milonakis Show' that links back to the MTV2 Web site. Even advertisers are on board, as Nike has seeded the site with video clips promoting its footwear.

This week, Dimension entrusted YouTube with the trailer for its upcoming film 'Scary Movie 4,' which promptly garnered 200,000 streams in its first 15 hours on the site."

Hurley indicated that this is just the beginning, with even bigger brands soon to make joint announcements with YouTube from all over the industry. He also says other programrs are taking a more covert approach, uploading movie trailers and the like without striking any official deals in hopes of starting a faux-organic wildfire of buzz.

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