Thursday, March 30, 2006

Internet Brands: Cars, Mortgage, Real Estate, & Travel

", a division of Internet Brands, today announced the launch of ABC Values�, a free, powerful and easy-to-use online home valuation tool that complements the expertise offered by local real estate agents.
ABC Values � are derived from a database of approximately 60 million homes in the U.S. and 20 million recent home sale transactions. The no-obligation/no-registration service enables consumers to take control of the valuation of their home, using the latest home sales comparables and easy-to-use, but powerful customization tools.
'Our approach is to empower home owners and buyers with all of the data and tools they need to have a very informed view on the valuation of a property,' said Bob Brisco, CEO of Internet Brands. 'Real estate is often a consumer's largest asset, so it is critical to keep an eye on a home's changing value -- RealEstateABC's combination of precise valuation and owner customization options allows consumers to do just that.' "

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