Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Exent Technologies: Games-on-Demand. Powered by Exent.

"TEL AVIV, Israel - - March 07, 2006 - Exent Technologies, the global market leader in broadband-based solutions for monetization of PC and video games, today announced investments by Intel and Cisco to further develop its portfolio of digital distribution technologies, video games services and additional game technologies. Terms of the investments were not disclosed.
'Intel and Cisco bring us strong strategic value and solidify our path of expansion beyond broadband value-added services into holistic PC and video gaming entertainment services for media companies,' said Zvi Levgoren, CEO, Exent Technologies. 'In cooperation with all our strategic investors, we are proud to facilitate the evolution of user experiences from the PC into mainstream living room entertainment, through Intel├»¿½ Viiv├»¿½ technology-based PCs, set-top boxes and other CE devices.'
Games-on-Demand entertainment powered by Exent is designed to give consumers an unparalleled gaming experience with the choice and flexibility to play the games they like how and when they want. Users have access to hundreds of game titles that are offered through various business models, including services for both 2' and 10' environments, supporting ad-based, subscription, purchase, rental and try-before-you-buy models. "

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