Monday, March 20, 2006


"After much speculation about a merger with Motricity, M-Qube have sold to VeriSign. Congrats to Jeff Glass, GC, and company. M-Qube certainly went through moments in the early days when it was entirely on the ropes, had to switch business models, had an engineering team in Seattle and management in Boston, and plenty of other twists and turns. There is still a lot to figure out about M-Qube's future (as sms pipes get commoditized, can they get their other value added services off the ground?) but it'll be as part of the amassing mobile empire of VeriSign.
The big question is what this means for Jamba/Jamster. Did the Jamba acquisition only teach VeriSign that it needed a more institutional mobile content player and Jamba was a mistake? Or with the Jamba heads largely chopped off, will Glass and company get a chance to see if they can figure out Jamba themselves."

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