Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Business 2.0: VC dollars return to the desktop - Mar. 29, 2006

"There are a host of venture-backed startups taking advantage of this new webtop reality. Hive7, a startup launching today, is building virtual-world environment -- similar to the ones World of Warcraft and Everquest gamers spend hours in -- within a browser.
Fabrik, another recently launched startup, is offering an online file-storage service that offers a click-and-drag graphical interface like Windows Explorer or Mac OS X's Finder for navigating through your files.
Hive7 and Fabrik are joining older startups that have already embraced this model. Goowy, for example, offers a full-featured desktop with e-mail, instant messaging, and other commonly used applications, while Zimbra offers e-mail that looks and feels like Microsoft Outlook."

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