Tuesday, March 28, 2006

alarm:clock: Prosper.com's Euro Rival Migrates To The US - Raised $15M More

"London-based Zopa has raised $15M in Series B funding from Bessemer Venture Partners as well as existing investors Benchmark Capital and Wellington Partners. Zopa plans to open its California office this year. The company is just one year old but has a head of steam, claiming 55K members. It pioneered person-to-person lending, which seeks to lower borrows rates and give personal lenders a higher investment rate than savings accounts.
We have posted on Zopa's competitor - Prosper.com - which we assumed borrowed Zopa's business model. Zopa is led by executives who previously launched Egg PLC. Bessemer Venture's Rob Stavis, who led the financing of Skype, will join the Zopa board of directors, so of course Zopa is comparing itself to Skype. "

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