Monday, February 21, 2011

Foursquare Co-founder, CEO Dennis Crowley Speaks

"Millions of users turn to foursquare every day to help them find their friends and explore their world. Whether checking out a new restaurant or visiting their favorite store, they are sharing their activities and loyalty with their social network, earning badges and points along the way."


Anonymous said...

good inteview. access to info location is key

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Anonymous said...

3.0 Megapixels/tap to select focus/anti-shakeshutter/OTA sharing onFacebook/Flickr/email/Nationwide Insurance app

103MM2009E global shipments
MP3 Players
Integrated iPod Function/Spotify

Better UI/local storage not a limit (for streaming apps)

62MM2009E global shipments
GPS Devices
Built-in Google Maps/App Store (ATTNavigator…)

Same basic function + always-on Internet connection

48MM2009E global shipments
Portable GamingDevices
Tap Tap Revenge/Bejeweled/FlightControl…

Lower ASP/instant OTA download/multi-touch control

48MM2009E global shipments
Built-in Video Capture Function/FOXNews UReport…

Built-in video editing/OTA upload to YouTube/OTAupload to FOX News

14MM2009E global shipments
Standalone VoiceRecorder
Built-in Voice Recorder

Digitized/easy to manage/sync with PC

Built-in Electronic Compass

Synergy with built-in maps feature

Audible Dictionary
Lonely Planet Mobile Phrasebook

Available in 10 languages, 600+ spoken phrases ineach language


Note: *OTA = Over the Air; 233MM radio listeners in USA, per SNL Kagan/Arbitron.Source: Future Horizons, iSuppli, IDC, Morgan Stanley Research.