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The Daily: The first digital daily news publication built from scratch for the iPad.


What is The Daily?
The first digital news publication with original content created every day exclusively for the iPad®. Built from scratch by a team of top journalists and designers, The Daily covers the world: breaking news, sports, pop culture, entertainment, apps, games, technology, opinion, celebrity gossip and more.
The Daily has the depth and quality of a magazine but is delivered daily like a newspaper and updated in real-time like the web. Great stories, photos, video, audio and graphics come alive the more you touch, swipe, tap and explore. The customized sports section allows you to follow your favorite teams’ scores, pictures and headlines — even players’ tweets.

How often does it publish?
There is a new edition of The Daily early every morning — 365 days a year. The Daily can update with breaking news stories throughout the day, and many articles pull in data from the web at large, so that stories have elements that live in real time.

How much does it cost?
The Daily is absolutely free for 2 weeks. Then it’s just 99 cents a week or $39.99 a year. If you’re interested in the math, that’s around 14 cents or 11 cents a day, respectively — far less than any traditional newspaper that we’ve seen. And every day’s issue has the amount of content you might expect from a monthly magazine, many of which cost $2.99-$5.99 for a single issue. The Daily is currently available exclusively on the App Store. If you already have an iTunes account you don’t even need to pull out your credit card.

How do I download the latest issue every day?
Just open The Daily app on your iPad when it’s connected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G. The latest issue will start downloading automatically. You can begin reading almost immediately. No need to wait for the whole issue to download; it will continue in the background as you read.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read The Daily ?
Once you’ve downloaded the day’s issue, there is no need to be connected. All the articles, text and photos will be there; you only need a live connection to stream videos that you’ll find throughout the issue, to pull in the live feeds attached to some articles, and to comment and share. The long and short of it is, there’s plenty to read and do in The Daily when you’re on the subway or otherwise out of range. Being connected makes it better.

Why the iPad?
The Daily was created to take advantage of everything tablet computing can do. Without the legacy of print or even a destination web site, we can focus exclusively on a great tablet computing experience. The iPad offers an incredible reading experience, and being the first of its kind also means there is an existing reader base that can take advantage of The Daily. In the coming months we’ll announce The Daily’s availability on Android tablets, and we’ll also be considering other platforms as people adopt them.

What about sharing with friends that don’t have iPads?
While The Daily lives on the iPad, web-friendly versions of most of its articles can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email. Hit the ‘share’ button at the top right of the app to try it. While the full tablet experience is unavoidably lost in translation, the text, photos and video aren’t — and quite often that’s enough to share articles conversationally with friends and colleagues.
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How do I get in touch with you?
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Jesse AngeloJesse Angelo, Editor in Chief. Jesse Angelo joins The Daily from the New York Post, where he retains the title executive editor. He arrived at the Post in 1999 and after stints reporting news, gossip and business, he was appointed metropolitan editor in June 2001 at age 27. Angelo directed the paper’s news coverage for almost a decade — through the 9/11 terror attacks, the two wars that followed, the 2003 Northeast blackout and countless classic Post stories. He also oversaw the Post’s website and the creation of its popular iPad app. A native New Yorker, Angelo worked as a reporter for The Sun in London and the Daily Telegraph in Sydney before joining the Post. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College.

Greg Clayman Greg Clayman, Publisher. Prior to coming to The Daily, Greg Clayman was executive vice president of Digital Distribution & Business Development for MTV Networks. He managed digital business across MTVN, working closely with its channels to develop new opportunities for distribution of digital content and strategic digital partnerships. Clayman also oversaw the MTVN Mobile Media group, supporting the company’s brands in developing and distributing a wide portfolio of mobile content and applications. Before joining MTVN, Clayman co-founded Upoc, one of the first mobile content companies in the United States, and ran its marketing, sales and business development groups.Twitter: @clayman

John KilpatrickJohn Kilpatrick, Executive Creative Director. John Kilpatrick has spent his career spearheading projects on brand positioning, large-scale and large- audience digital content and interactive design. Before joining The Daily, he was vice president and group creative director for AOL Media, where he led the interactive design team, developing new digital media strategies, products and content for more than 80 websites that reached more than 100 million people. Prior to joining AOL, he was a founding partner of the New York design studio Double K Design, where he worked with Estée Lauder, Mercedes-Benz, Cynthia Rowley, Nike, Honda, Versace, B&B Italia and the 60 Thompson hotel. He also consulted with the digital marketing agencies Organic and Razorfish and held a creative leadership position with Cambridge Technology Partners’ User Experience Lab in New York.
Mike NizzaMike Nizza, Managing Editor, News. Mike Nizza has spent his career on the frontiers of digital media. Just as the dot-com bubble was bursting, he joined the crew guiding The New York Times from print to Web giant. In eight years, he coded and cropped photos, reported and edited, wrote headlines, selected the front-page lineup and managed teams and new initiatives. He also penned The Lede, the Times’ breaking news blog, providing real-time coverage on banner news days and writing hundreds of articles on everything from foreign affairs and politics to technology and music. Later, Nizza became co-director and senior editor at Atlantic Media Co.’s Innovation Center, where journalists and software developers conceived and developed new digital media products, including The Atlantic Wire. Most recently, he served as editor in chief of AOL News, overseeing the site’s transition to producing original content, from award-nominatedphoto essays about Haiti to groundbreaking investigative pieces on the darkside of nanotechnology. He owns more kitchen gadgets than you do, and knows how to use them. Twitter: @mikenizza
Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson, LA Bureau Chief. Richard Johnson joins The Daily after nearly 25 years as the influential editor of Page Six, the New York Post’s gossip page, where he chronicled the lives of It Girls, broke news stories and scandals, launched careers and uncovered secrets in politics. Johnson arrived at the Post in 1978 as a general assignment reporter and took over Page Six in 1985, with a three-year sabbatical to work in TV, at The New York Observer and as a gossip columnist for the New York Daily News. A native New Yorker and prep school product, Johnson is a self-made man, having worked as a carpenter, contractor and New York City cab driver before cutting his teeth in journalism as an unpaid intern at the Chelsea Clinton News, a neighborhood weekly in Manhattan.
Sasha Frere-JonesSasha Frere-Jones, Editor, Arts & Life. For six years, Sasha Frere-Jones has been a staff writer and pop-music critic for The New Yorker, where he continues to write. He is expanding his 2007 essay “A Paler Shade of White” into a book for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Before 2004, Frere-Jones wrote for the Village Voice, Pretty Decorating, The New York Times, the New York Post, The Wire and Time Out New York. His work has appeared in the Da Capo “Best Music Writing” series five times. In 1991, he formed Ui, an instrumental rock band that toured Europe and the United States and released five albums, and is currently a member of Piñata and Calvinist. Twitter: @sfj Tumblr: Website:
Chris D'AmicoChris D'Amico, Editor, Sports. Chris D’Amico joins The Daily after a stint as managing editor of The Star-Ledger of Newark, where he directed the newsroom of New Jersey’s biggest print and online media company. The move marks D’Amico’s return to sports after a five-year “vacation” on the news side. Previously, he was the sports editor at The Star-Ledger, supervising coverage of local teams reaching the championships in all four major sports. The section was recognized during that time as one of the best in the country, receiving top honors 11 times in the Associated Press Sports Editors’ national contest for the largest newspapers. Previous stops along D’Amico’s journalistic journey include the Chicago Sun-Times and The National Sports Daily. D’Amico is a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles but promises he never booed Santa Claus.
Elisabeth EavesElisabeth Eaves, Editor, Opinion, Before The Daily. Elisabeth Eaves was the opinions editor at Forbes, where she also served as a columnist and staff writer, profiled thinkers like Hernando de Soto, and wrote a story about trying to learn Chinese in four days. In 2006, she was a Robert L. Bartley fellow on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal. Eaves has been published in Slate, Foreign Policy, Harper’s and The New York Times, among other places, on subjects ranging from lobbyists to lap dancing (but not in the same story). Her travel writing has been anthologized in “The Best American Travel Writing 2009” and Lonely Planet’s “A Moveable Feast.” She is the author of two books, “Bare” and “Wanderlust,” a travel memoir, which will be published in 2011. Eaves received a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University and has lived all over the world. Twitter: @elisabetheaves Tumblr: elisabetheaves.tumblr.comWebsite:
Peter HaPeter Ha, Editor, Apps, Games and Technology. Born on the mean streets ofPortland, Ore., Peter Ha comes to The Daily from Time magazine, where heserved as editor of technology. He also was NIC (nerd in chief) of and news editor for TechCrunch’s CrunchGear, where his obsession with shiny new doodads began. Ha’s musings have been published in Men’s Journal, Vibe, Surfing and, among other publications. When he manages to go off the grid, you can find him romping through the woods on his dirt bike or surfing in warm waters. Twitter: @thepeterha

Abigail JonesAbigail Jones, Web Editor & Social Media Manager. In her career as a journalist, Ms. Jones has covered arts, culture, girlhood and news for,, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and the Forward, among other publications. She co-authored the New York Times and #1 Boston Globe bestseller “Restless Virgins: Love, Sex, and Survival at a New England Prep School” (2007), and has appeared on the “Today” show, NPR and radio shows across the country. Ms. Jones has a master’s degree in arts journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, a master’s in creative writing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a bachelor’s in English from Dartmouth College. Born and raised near Boston, she now lives in New York City. Twitter: @abigaildj Tumblr:

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