Thursday, December 28, 2006

Davis Freeberg’s Digital Connection - Single Zoom Kiosk Sells $55,000 Worth Of iPods In Just 1 Month

"Setting the gold standard for the kiosk industry, Zoom Systems has revealed that they’ve taken in $55,000 worth of iPod sales from just 1 vending machine at an Atlanta airport over a single month. This is an amazing amount of revenue from a kiosk and may offer a glimpse at how we’ll see high end electronics sold in the future.
Earlier this week, Sanford Bernstein said that they estimated that Apple earns about $4,000 per square foot at their retail stores each year. While this is an impressive number in it’s own right, if Zoom can replicate this type of volume for a full year, it would mean that they have the potential to earn $20,000 in income for each square foot that they take up. "

"Over the last year, Zoom raised $10 million in round C funding and another $35 million in round D funding just six months later. With a very hot kiosk design, an emphasis on high end retail and backing from investors like Goldman Sachs and Motorola, Zoom is well positioned to lead the kiosk industry from snack foods to luxury goods. "

"Mark Mullins, Zoom's executive vice-president, said his company now has machines, which, depending on location, dispense everything from skin-care products to batteries. They are in more than 300 locations the nationwide, including universities, military bases and more than 126 Macy's stores. Mullins said there are 11 Zoom machines in metro Atlanta."

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Little said...

Some 15 years ago I predicted that by 2010 Apple's object oriented operating system (Then called NextStep, now called OSX) would be the only game in town. I was wrong on that prediction but Apple is still doing very well.

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Anonymous said...

I bought an ipod at Atlanta airport. Bought it at the vending machine. very COOOL!!