Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ideas for future shows - ScobleShow: tech industry video

"Roger Schank
Douglas Hofstadter
Steve Jobs, Apple Computer
Dave Winer, Scripting News
Albert Pascual
Marvin Minsky
Louis Monier, Google
John McCarthy, Stanford
Michael Tippett, NowPublic
Jim Gray, MSR
Bill Gates, Microsoft (Yes Again)
Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church (Seattle)
Leo Laporte, Twit
Philip Rosedale, Linden Lab (Second Life)
Normal bloggers
Scobleshow videoconfrence with other coutries
Tarik Krim, Netvibes
Kristopher Tate of Zooomr
Someone at Podtech, like the ceo/founder - I'm interested in their opinions on this 'new media'
Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report
Robert X.Cringely of NerdTV
James Gosling of Sun Microsystem,Inc.
Om Malik of
Travis Kalanick of Red Swoosh
Ze Frank
Meebo Team
Sequoia Capital
Apple iTunes Team
Solid State Network
Parallels, Inc
Will Wright - Creator of Spore - Game Developer
Rod Beckstrom- Coauthor of The Starfish and The Spider book
Elliott Breece of
Robert Scoble: What. How. Why."

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