Friday, November 10, 2006

GigaOM » Social Networking by the Numbers

"SK Communications CEO Hyun-Oh Yoo reports Cyworld2 has 20 million subscribers in Korea, which is 40 percent of the total Korean population, as well as more than 3 million users in non-Korean countries. He claims 96 percent of 20- to 29-year-old Koreans use Cyworld “regularly,” which is kind of fuzzy, but it implies that all of them are members of the service, which is impressive on its own. The site has 22 million unique visitors per month, 20 billion page views per month, and $300,000 in daily sales of digital items. He also said the site sells 6 million songs per month and has 100,000 videos uploads daily (bigger than the publicly reported YouTube numbers)."

Notes: Cyworld just partnered with Double Fusion to deliver branded items into the social networking site. Double Fusion is the Accel, JVP company that competes with in-game ad leader Massive, acquird by Mister Softie (MSFT) earlier this year. This could potentially be a big deal for the startup hoping to get in early with Cyworld's 11wk old US social networking site. As part of the deal, Double Fusion will serve the Cyworld USA community with permission-based brand messages from blue-chip and upstart companies.

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