Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yahoo Finance Now Carries Seeking Alpha Articles - SeekingAlpha

In conjunction with the Yahoo deal, Seeking Alpha also announced funding from Benchmark folks.

SeekingAlpha Founder David Jackson and Bill Gurley share a past as equity research analysts.

Comments from David:

Our partnership with Yahoo! Finance proves that the combination of Seeking Alpha and an army of informed finance bloggers can change the face of financial publishing.

For Seeking Alpha's contributors and for bloggers in general, this is a big day. Our contributors write for a variety of reasons: to build their reputations, test their stock ideas in an interactive environment, demonstrate the quality of their stock picking or analytical skills, or to promote their newsletters, consulting practices or other businesses

More reaction:

Matt Marshall, VentureBeat: 'By putting the bloggers on a par with Dow Jones, Street.com and other mainstream sources, Jackson thinks Seeking Alpha will encourage even more bloggers to participate. Seeking Alpha’s aggregated content may soon dwarf the content produced by mainstream sites, the thinking goes. So now you are getting the full image — the image of that revolutionary, proverbial long tail. “We’re tapping into the long tail,” Says Jackson referring, to the long line of contributors with a good opinion about stocks he thinks will transform analyst coverage of mid- and small-cap companies that newspapers and other sources don’t have the resources to cover. '

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