Thursday, September 07, 2006

Of VCs, Vloggers, and Beer Money

We blogged about a wsj article written in the summer about Patrick Sell and his site, which earns him roughly $15 per day from users clicking on ads inserted after the video on Pocket change for now but with the recent increase in site traffic at Revver and other such sites, we wonder what the effect in dollars that would mean to idonothingallday and almost famous vloggers like zefrank down the road.

I do nothing all day is a collection of NYC fashion reality video clips featuring the most beautiful, the hippest, the sexiest, the most daring, the best styled, and the wonderfully free spirited women seen everyday on the streets of the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods that I roam.

When and where is the tipping point of vloggers quitting their day job (a la bloggers Arrington, Huffington Post, Venturebeat and Om Malik, PaidContent) and going mainstream? It's only a matter of time when a vlogger will raise the attention of such vc blog investors as Greycroft, Softbank.

Update: Interesting piece from Fred Wilson, blogs on Youtube and a typical high traffic user's revenue potential. Essentially, lots of traffic equals lots of dollars.

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