Friday, September 08, 2006

AdMob Dials Up Funding from Sequoia

AdMob, Inc., operator of a global online mobile ad network that generates over 250 million page views per month, announced today that it's received Series A funding from Sequoia Capital. The company, formed in early 2006, will use the capital to support continued rapid growth, to expand sales and marketing efforts, and to accelerate the development of its Web-based products and services. AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui also announced that the company has added two investors to its board of directors -- Jim Goetz of Sequoia Capital, and Maynard Webb, prominent Silicon Valley investor and former COO of eBay.

Notes: This appears to be another sweet deal for Sequoia (despite their star Mike Moritz not sitting on the board). AdMob was only formed in early 2006 and is already serving 250 million mobile page views per month! The company allows advertisers to run ads across a comprehensive set of mobile content channels, including communities, entertainment, news, and portals. It has recently added a contextual search channel, allowing advertisers to build campaigns that include mobile Web searches through GoogleĆ¢€™s mobile AdWords service.

The company will likely face stiff competition from Google Mobile Ad Words who recently announced a product and potential entrants Mister Softie and Yahoo, who also happen to be potential acquirors.

More on their funding from the Admob blog. Nice blogger template by the way.

We predict an acquisition of the company from Verisign, Infospace, Microsoft, Yahoo, Sybase in 12-24 months.


Mike Rowehl said...

Hey GG, thanks for the writeup! Personally I think one of our biggest points of interest in terms of recent upgrades is carrier targeting. In some markets (US and India for example) advertisers can go down to the individual carrier in terms of where to show their ads.

GG said...

You're welcome Mike. Any thoughts around Google's new mobile adwords product (I hear it's doing well in Japan) and their patent on a system for click-through ad placements?

The article also says that Google is working to patent a system for click-through ad placements that determines the type of device used and automatically takes a user to a mobile Web site or places a voice call, depending on the phone's capabilities. Not sure what "working on a patent" means, since you basically submit your application, answer a few questions and fill out a bunch of forms, pay your lawyer and application fees, and wait three years for the USPTO to approve it.