Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Zimbio - check it out

Wiki watch out, there's another collaborative community in town, Zimbio. The company formerly known as Zoozio will face competetion the likes of Squidoo, Jeteye, Boxxet and a slew of other dead 2.0 companies.

Tony, their founder writes:

Zimbio today announced the launch of a 'Linked Services' feature with KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery, the leading online digital photo service. Users can now easily share photos from their KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery account on Zimbio's Public Portals.

Zimbio is a community site that helps people research and learn about any topic. We allow people to create public portals on specific subjects. A portal can include photographs, favorite links to websites and articles, a group blog, online discussion forum, recommended RSS feeds, and live chat about the subject. To take a look at how people are using it, visit the Energy Conservation Portal (

In concept, Zimbio is similar to Wikipedia. It encourages collaboration and contributions from the community – anyone can create, add to, and edit a portal on Zimbio. But unlike Wikipedia, Zimbio also encourages opinions and discussions. So if you’re looking for the history of Texas and information about the state, you might use Wikipedia. But if you’re looking for suggested articles and people’s opinions about Texas politics, you might give Zimbio a try.

Zimbio offers a lot of features to help people build these portals. You can bookmark photos, blog feeds, or write notes. You can also link your personal blog to your profile and then submit specific blog posts to the appropriate portal subject. It’s a great way for bloggers to market some of their articles. Check out for an example of a linked blog entry. We’ve partnered with companies like Kodak, Webshots, SmugMug, and Flickr for photos, AIM, Skype, and Yahoo for instant messaging, and Topix, Sphere, ePrecis, IceRocket, and BlogDigger for
news and blog search.


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