Thursday, August 17, 2006

Unstrung - WiMax/Broadband Wireless - WiMax's Small Steps to Security - Wireless Networking News Analysis

"Sprint Nextel Corp.'s decision last week to spend $3 billion on a new high-speed wireless network gear catapulted WiMax right into the public eye. But what Sprint didn't talk about -- and is less well understood -- is what security measures will protect users who move over to the broadband wireless network. Analysts, industry experts, and operators are expecting to see some of the same kinds of attacks undertaken against the older 802.11 WiFi standard used against its younger sibling. 'I expect we'll see similar problems with [WiMax] as we've seen with other devices, namely weak management protocols and vulnerable applications -- embedded Web servers, unencrypted access via telnet and SNMP V1 and V2,' says ex-Tipping Point security consultant Shawn Merdinger."

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