Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki: Nine Questions to Ask a Startup

"Here are some “Guyed�lines for a startup that has already raised its first round of venture capital of $1-3 million with no more than fifteen employees. Don't just latch onto the top end of the range because there are many variables to consider including salary, cash bonuses, geographic location, and most important of all, your perceived value.
Senior engineer: .3 - .7%
Mid-level engineer: .2 - .4%
Product manager: .2 - .3%
Architect, i.e., the “main (wo)man,� though an individual contributor: 1 - 1.5%
Vice presidents: 1.5 - 3%
CEO, i.e., “adult supervision� brought in to replace the founder: 5 - 10% "

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