Friday, April 07, 2006

PayPal Mobile Payments Official -

"Amid a flurry of announcements at CTIA today, PayPal officially rolled out PayPal Mobile, calling the SMS payment system the first of its kind.
Then they corrected themselves, admitting there may be some smaller companies with similar services already available.
But they don't really matter, PayPal said. And analysts agreed.
First introduced last month, PayPal Mobile allows users to send a text to 'PayPal' (729725) from their phones and enter the dollar amount they want to send to a particular vendor, charity or user ID number.
PayPal will then contact the mobile user to confirm and complete the transaction.
Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru is enthusiastic about the service.
'Conceptually, it's a great idea,' she told 'It's the easiest system I've seen. Before if you were going to pay on your cell phone, you'd have to get a lot more pieces involved.'
Dana Stalder, PayPal senior vice president of business operations, gushed at praise like that. "

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